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We offer a full range of services that go along with building a truck body.


Designing the perfect body for your application may seem easy, but there are a lot of things to consider, to make sure you end up with what you were expecting. We are able to take you through the design process and select the correct body and components that will work best and suit your budget. We have an extensive photo library that we can use to give you ideas and show you what you vehicle may look like.


We are a Certified Manufacturer under the LTSA. We are able to supply, fit and certify:

  • Tie rails and load anchorage points
  • Services from Boss MotorbodiesTail-lifters
  • Ferry hooks

Guaranteed Quality

We employ top tradesmen and Certified Welders. Whether it is a repair or a new body, our workmanship will be of a high quality.

Paint and Signage

We are able to organise paint and signage for you new or repaired vehicle. So when you come to pick-up your vehicle from us, it is completely finished.

Services from Boss MotorbodiesRepairs and Modifications

We offer a complete repair and modification service. Whether it is a large repair or modification to your existing vehicle, we can give you quick service to ensure your truck is off the road for the shortest possible time.

The most common repairs are:

  • Damaged vehicle. We can repair the damage to any vehicle. We have a good working relationship with all major insurance companies and can organise to have your vehicle assessed, and to carry out the repair.
  • New floor and decks. We can replace a floor or deck with any sort of material you require, and strengthen the sub frame if required.
  • New roof. A leaky roof can cost you money, especially if it damages your load. We can replace your old roof lining with a one-piece aluminium sheet.
  • Roller doors. We can repair or fit a new roller door.
  • Doors. We can replace or repair any vehicle door.

Services from Boss MotorbodiesThe most common modifications are:

  • Ferry hooks. Have now become mandatory for all trucks and trailers using the Cook Strait ferries. Can be fitted and certified.
  • Hydraulic tail-lifters. We can supply, fit and install a tail-lifter to your existing truck. All tail-lifters are certified.
  • Body swaps. We can take the old body off your existing cab and chassis and fit a new body, or put your old body on a new cab and chassis.
  • Doors. New doors can be made any size and fitted to your existing body.
  • Shelving. Can be made any size to help you work out of your truck, or to maximize your storage capacity.

Contact us and we can work out the best option and give you a competitive quote.